First of all, wow. You have so much free time now! No commuting
time. No having to put on pants!


What are you going to do with it?

You have to be disciplined about your work hours, but once you
are off, you are OFF!

So! Restaurants and bars are closed! That’s a bummer. I went
to the asian grocery store yesterday and ALL OF THEIR RAMEN was
gone. People! Eventually you are going to get sick of ramen! Please
don’t make ramen the only thing you eat! I know you are worried
about food costs. But in many cities now it is illegal to evict if
you don’t pay your rent. And we might be getting a stimulus check
from the government too! So… please just get some fresh veggies,
chop them and stick them in the freezer if you don’t want them
now. You can put them on top of your ramen!

I recommend learning how to cook.

Here are some of my favorite recipe books! Please get them from instead of Amazon, because Powells closed all their
locations and is only taking online orders now, to protect their
workers. Amazon is making their workers borrow comp time from each
other instead of paying sick leave for COVID19.

  1. Practical
  2. Asian
    (this one is SO SO GOOD, I had to get it for my cousin
  3. 21
    Day Sugar Detox
    by Dianne Sanfillippo
  4. Frugal
    (sensing a theme?)

Why learn how to cook paleo?

Because sugar depresses your immune system. Because most of us
are not set up to process cow milk dairy well. Because you can
enjoy your food more if you make exactly what you want.

I also recommend getting into a routine with getting
, biking, walking, whatever feels good to you. ONLY
if you are not sick with COVID19 please!

Getting your social time in: Call or text
friends and family every day! Also, how about a virtual art
making or dance party?

For your dance party: Favorite upbeat songs right now: Rosalia, Ted Leo, Haiku Salut,
Blood Orange,

Anxious? Why not try EFT, or tapping?: Helen McConnell

Getting your LEARNING time in: Feel free to
peruse my webinars
or courses–
so many!

I recommend journaling, making art, meditating or
breathwork practice every day.

We need a way to stay calm during this COVID19 outbreak!

What else are you doing to stay sane? Please leave a

Here’s a funny Working from Home video for you!

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