As campuses and organizations respond to the pressing needs to
mitigate the coronavirus pandemic and respond to those in need,
we’re also all wondering what this means for fundraising.

We still have goals to meet, we’re nervous about what the
personal and economic impacts could mean for philanthropy, and
getting a lot of questions
about messaging, events, and
specific appeal tactics.

First, we invite you to join our LinkedIn group on
the higher education response to COVID-19
posting regularly with materials, insights and open questions about
what our institutions are and can be doing for both donor and
prospective student engagement.

Fundraising and Donor Engagement Resources for COVID- 19 (Coronavirus) Response We’re here for you to talk about how to
approach donor engagement during this difficult time.
Schedule a time to talk

Here are a few recent blogs and other resources on how this
health crisis will impact donor engagement:

We’ll update this page with new blogs and resources as they
come out.

We’re here to talk

COVID-19 and Higher EducationGroup Icon

All of us at RNL are here to serve you and help you navigate the
challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.
Please reach out to schedule a time to talk with us,
we can
share our insights on how you can serve your alumni, donors, and
other constituents during this difficult time.

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Fundraising and Donor Engagement Resources for COVID- 19
(Coronavirus) Response
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