With the World Health Organization officially declaring COVID-19
outbreak a pandemic, we wanted to share with you some timely crisis
fundraising advice, articles, opinions, and resources in the wake
of coronavirus and its financial implications.

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anything you think we missed.

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CDC Foundation Has COVID-19 Guidelines For
– “What can nonprofit leaders do in this
time of uncertainty and concern? Judy Monroe, MD, president and CEO
of the CDC Foundation, offers five steps or initiatives that
leaders of all nonprofits and philanthropies can take or


Coronavirus Pandemic and Fundraising
“Lots of advice for fundraisers trying to figure out what to do
about the Coronavirus pandemic is floating around. Roger Craver at
The Agitator has selected a sampling of some of these.”


Coronavirus and Fundraising: What to Expect and How to
– “Gail Perry shares a guide on what to do and
say right now, and what to expect from major donors and capital
campaign prospects.”


How Nonprofits Can Connect Virtually During Trying Times
“With the current state of coronavirus, Claire
Axelrad shares her advice on how nonprofits can still connect
virtually during this time.”


March 3: Corona virus – how will it impact charities?
“John Lepp, Beate Sørum, and Jen Love discuss the
effects on legacy giving and donor acquisition with the COVID-19


Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes of Fundraising in a
Recession –
“Since the coronavirus outbreak, stock
markets have been on a roller coaster and oil producers are waging
an ugly pricing war. What is a nonprofit fundraiser to do? Check
out this advice from Marc Pitman.”


A few things for nonprofits and foundations to consider
in light of the Coronavirus –
“This virus reveals
several of the weaknesses of our sector and our society. Vu Le
brings up critical points for nonprofits and foundations to


Coronavirus survival, fundraising tips, and event advice
roundup from Michael Rosen –
“Coronavirus is spreading
with profound implications for the nonprofit sector. While there is
no reason for you to panic, you and your nonprofit organization
should prepare for what is happening and what could

Read more here
and here >>

Communicating about the Coronavirus and Your Upcoming
Events + Tips for Working Remotely from Kivi Leroux Miller and
Kristina Leroux –
“We are used to working through
last-minute snafus and freak weather events, but a pandemic? Check
out this advice on what you should say about your upcoming events,
and how to stay productive when working remotely. ”

Read more here
, and
here >>

8 Steps for Successful Fundraising During the
Coronavirus Crisis –
“Your donors are anxious. Your
board members are freaking out. It’s up to you to lead the way.
So what’s a fundraiser to do? Check out these 8 steps from Amy
Eisenstein to weather the coronavirus crisis.”


What you can do for your donors and others in Times of
Crisis: COVID-19 Edition –
“No matter where you are
globally, the past few weeks have probably been a roller coaster of
uncertainty, emotion, and even sometimes anxiety. To help, here’s
some advice from Lynne Wester for your relationships with donors
during this time.”


[PODCAST] From Stock Market Crashes to Crushing Goals
“In this episode, RAISE Podcast is joined by Jim
Husson, Boston College’s SVP of University Advancement to discuss
stock market crashes.”

Listen now >>

Our Events Were Canceled: Here are 10 Customer
Engagement Strategies We’re Trying Instead. –
are 10 customer engagement strategies from Sruthi Kumar that can
still give you valuable time with your prospects and customers even
when your events are cancelled.”
more >>

COVID-19 and Your Cause – “Some bosses are
about to cripple their charity’s future with one bad decision
around COVID-19. Sean Triner has identified several key areas where
you could be impacted.”
more >>

Training remotely: A facilitator’s guide –
“If you aspire to provide training or facilitation from a
geographic distance, here are Andy Robinson’s 7 tips on what you
need to know for effective remote training.”


Fundraising in the Time of COVID-19 –
“There is nothing like a global pandemic to create a bit of
uncertainty in the minds of EVERYONE! Larry Raff shares some
workarounds for how we conduct business.”
Read more

Immediate Actions for Fundraising Through a Health
Crisis + Fundraising Strategies in Uncertain Economic Times from
Laurence Pagnoni –
“When the economic outlook is hard
to get a handle on, fundraisers get nervous. Here are some
innovative ways to handle cash reserves at your nonprofit while
also managing social distancing.”
Read more
, and
here >>

A Huge Mistake Nonprofits Make in Preparing for COVID-19
“Our brain’s main way of dealing with threats is
the fight-or-flight response. Gleb Tsipursky at NonProfit PRO
shares the 3 cognitive biases we need to watch out for.”


Help for Nonprofits During Uncertain Economic Times
“The Chronicle of Philanthropy shares a roundup of
articles to help nonprofits during the coronavirus, plus tips on
how to shore up their reserves.”

Read more here
, and
here >>

Coronavirus And Your 2020 Fundraising Goals: What
Nonprofits Need To Know –
“Alyssa Wright at Forbes
shares a few tips to ensure we all stay on track to hit our annual
goals and drive change all across the globe, regardless of how many
galas we have to cancel or meetings we must postpone.”


What other good advice would you share? Leave us a comment
below! We’re all in this together.

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