I’m sure at 8:30pm last night we were all tuned into the
announcement made
by Boris Johnson
, announcing the new measures giving only four
reasons to be able to leave your home.

One of these reasons was so you can travel to and from work
where “absolutely necessary”. However, the line between
absolutely necessary and not absolutely necessary seems to be
blurred. With some self-declaring themselves necessary and opening
up shop this morning.

Good news for our colleagues in the construction industry

At the minute construction sites remains open. People in the
construction industry, of course, want to remain open and believe
they can do so whilst keeping in line with the new social
distancing guidelines.

, the secretary of state for housing, communities and
local government, tweeted shortly after the prime minister’s
television address to the nation on 23rd March: “Advice for the
housing, construction & building maintenance industries: If you
can work from home, do so. If you are working on site, you can
continue to do so. But follow Public Health England guidance on
social distancing.”

For PM’s in the industry the majority of their work could be
done from home, for others, the work will be on-site. Site workers
will be encouraged to follow particular procedures like:

  • Get to site on your own (not on public transport
  • Stay two metres away from everyone
  • Take your own lunch

Others aren’t so convinced that construction workers remain

Sadiq Khan
has quickly come out to express his frustration with
the new guidelines saying the definition of key workers is too
broad. “I’ve expressed my concerns to the prime minister
directly…. In my view, the only construction workers that should
be working are those that we need for safety. I think that this is
a time to understand the scale of the challenge we are

The mayor of London is set to be on the verge of closing down
construction sites.

Nicola Sturgeon
has also backed this opinion “there are still
too many people across the country who are being expected to or
expecting to go to work as normal”.

“This morning I was specifically asked on the radio about
building sites and hair salons, and my advice would be to close,”
she said. “I know this is a difficult situation for businesses
and I know difficult judgements are having to be made.”

We will have to see over the coming days what happens in the
construction industry space.

The National Federation of Builders
are concerned that
rebuilding a pipeline of workers after closing could take months
and therefore won’t stop working until they absolutely have

So for clarity, the official line from the government is: We
want to keep construction working – at home preferably, but on
site if that is where the work is. Get to site on your own (not on
public transport preferably), stay two metres away from everyone,
take your own lunch, and sing Happy Birthday lots and lots with
soap and water.

You can view the full guidelines here>>>

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