A year and a half ago, I converted my office at USV from a
classic office with a desk to a small conference room with a couch,
a chair, and a display for videoconferencing. I call it my “zoom

It looks like this.

You can’t see the display because it is on the wall that the
couch is facing. But that is my zoom room office at USV.

I like it so much that I have recreated it elsewhere and my
friend Brad Feld gave me a tip that I am now using which is to have
two displays on the wall, one for the people you are meeting with
and one for the presentation material. That is a big improvement to
version 1.0 which I have running at USV.

My day is usually all about meetings. I meet with people in
conference rooms, I meet with people in my zoom room, and I meet
with people on Zoom. So I don’t need a desk and I don’t need a
traditional office anymore. The move to this new office model has
been very positive for me.


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