A new breed has come forth on twitter in recent days. The
coronimbys. They never really liked human beings anyway, seeing
them as a resource consuming, pollution creating blight (except for
them of course), with this misanthropy used to resist housing, HS2,
new airports, new anything all in a pseudo environmental anti
development brand of eco-fascism why denies all hope of human
ingenuity to fix, mend and restore the environment.

Oh how they now welcome Covid, it gives them the perfect excuse
to say aha we now no longer need the housing. It has all gone
away because of recession. Hang on I havnt noticed a mortality
rate, like the Black Death, of 30% (which byu the way led to the
biggest wave of new settlement building in history in the 14th
Century as the economy recovered.) Of course if we can create
trillions at teh stroke of a bankers pen to keep the economy going
we can do so for housing. And if every major currency does it
there is no risk of inflation if we keep workers occupied and
producing. That was the lesson of the major ‘homes fit for
heroes’ wave of house building immediately after the last global
pandemic in 198-19.

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