Ad blockers are hugely popular.
Close to 800mm people around the world use them
to avoid
intrusive ads and data collection. I do not use an ad-blocker but I
completely understand why one would choose to do so.

And yet much of the media business is supported by advertising.
There are a growing number of subscription-based media services,
but many people cannot or won’t pay for content and the vast
majority of content consumed on the web is advertising

So USV has long felt that a subscription-based ad blocker would
make a lot of sense. Ad-supported publications could opt-in to get
a piece of the subscription revenue and agree to block ads to the
subscribers who have the ad blocker.

And that is why we invested in our portfolio company Scroll which makes exactly that.

And today, Scroll and Firefox are launching Firefox Better Web,
which is a service inside of Firefox ($2.50 a month to start and $5
a month in time).

I downloaded the latest version of Firefox this morning and
signed up. It went like this:

I signed up by giving my email address and entering my payment

And then I added the Scroll browser extension and was good to

I visited SB Nation and got an ad-free experience.

Which compares to this experience in my Chrome browser without
Scroll (Scroll works on Chrome too)

The partnership between Firefox and Scroll makes a ton of sense.
Firefox has long been committed to privacy and making the web work
better for its users. If you use Firefox try the Better Web
. And if you use Chrome or another browser, you can
get Scroll and experience more or
less the same thing there too.


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